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We believe that strong communication between our aides, clients, and the entire care team is a key component to consistent and dynamic rehab. Our aides strive to be fully aware of and involved with the goals of the care team, while being sensitive to the concerns and needs of the client.

The following are the major responsibilities of our TBI Aides

  • Implementing strategies
    The care team will assign different strategies to a client to help them compensate for some of their memory problems. We help to remind our clients of a strategy until it becomes an established habit.

  • Prioritizing tasks
    Because it is often hard for TBI clients to discern which tasks to do and in what order, we help clients make a realistic and doable plan for the day.

  • Cueing
    We remind our clients, both directly and indirectly, to complete tasks and to stay on task.

  • Energy management
    We help clients prioritize ‘mental-heavy’ tasks at the beginning of the day so they can do simpler/easier tasks later when they are tired.

  • Breaking down complex tasks into manageable, logical steps
    Clients have lost their ability to “think things through” and will easily get overwhelmed when starting a task. We assist them in prioritizing and sequencing tasks.

  • Safety
    We safeguard our clients relationally, emotionally, and physically.

  • Communication with the team
    Clients with a TBI will often forget to inform doctors, therapists, and family members of their struggles and needs. We speak up on their behalf in appointments and meetings when they forget important information or experience confusion. We are their advocate!